PATTERN BOARDS with metal stamps
Our alominum pattern boards with metal stamps are top of the line. No more plaster stamps chipping or falling off, no more teflon wearing off. Many of our customers have experienced our boards as a “dream come true” – a perfect print for over a decade, without any maintenance other than an occasional wash down.
They are reasonably priced and even more so when you consider their long lifespan.

  • Competely washable
  • Easy to handle
  • Maintenance free
  • Optimal airflow makes higher cycle speeds possible
  • Quick and easy to empty for accumulated starch on back side
  • Each board is custom made to fit your depositor and starch trays
  • Stamps are mounted individually, making replacement or exchange possible
  • Top plate with stamps can be exchanged easily
  • Solid tapper bar


PATTERN BOARDS with plaster stamps
We also offer an aluminum pattern board especially developed for plaster stamps. The top plate of the board conforms to the footprint of the stamps exactly, and at the same time allows maximal airflow around the stamps. This full support prevents breakage.
The top plate is constructed to be exchanged rapidly, for a change of stamps or in case of damage to the plasters. This solution offers an inexpensive way to combine a single frame with top plates of varying figures.

Where do we go from here?
Send us an email and we will try to answer any question you may have. We can send you samples of our plaster or metal stamps. We can arrange a sales meeting or provide a demonstration of our unique mould board and metal stamps should you desire.

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