We are a small company specializing in the design and manufacture of metal pattern boards for the production of moulded confectionery deposited in starch.
We offer the design, prototyping and manufacture of stamps.

We pride ourselves with the best functioning, longest-lasting and well thought out pattern board solution available. Our aluminum pattern boards with metal stamps have been providing a perfect print for over two decades, without any maintenance other than an occasional wash.

We strive to combine innovation, top quality and craftsmanship with good service. Our wide knowledge and 30 years of experience help solve your problems and make us a valuable member of your team. Our pattern boards have been in service since 1995 and still perform well.

All our products are made on a custom basis and in close cooperation with our customers. All aspects of design and production are performed on our premises. We utilize modern technology in our manufacturing processes—resulting in greater quality and time saving.
We are situated in the middle of Norway, close to Trondheim.

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